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Brown Dog Books & Gifts is a place to bring the entire family to enjoy a good book. They carry a wide selection of new books for kids of all ages and even offer a rental service. They also have a wide selection of gifts and greeting cards that will make anyone’s day.

Despite its nondescript nature, the LBD is often characterized by a brown, poodle-like appearance. They are small in stature, short-haired, and not very social with people other than their family members. Animal welfare groups have taken up the cause of the new OBD by implementing wide-spread spay/neuter programs. As an extension of these efforts, the new OBD, also known as the little brown dog, is now the second most common shelter dog after the pit bull type dog.

As with most dogs, there are several brown dog breeds available. Some have long, fluffy coats, while others have short, coarse fur. They vary in size, activity level, and temperament, but all brown dogs share a gene that contributes to their distinctive coat color. If you are looking to bring a new family member home, it is a good idea to do some research on individual breeds.