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Laura G Sweeney

Laura G Sweeney, EdD, Mama and MFA, is an English-language tutor and essayist with a Doctorate from Nova Southeastern College (Florida, 2005). Sweeney has been a state funded teacher in the space of English writing, ESOL, TEFL, and craftsmanship for a sum of 21 years, as well as an educator abroad for quite a long time. From the beginning, she has been a devoted craftsman, artist, logician, and essayist who credits having conquered a large number of life’s difficulties to her contribution in human expression. Notwithstanding artistic expression, her inclinations likewise incorporate human way of behaving, correspondence, and brain research. She has kept in touch with certain articles and books on harassing, parental estrangement condition (PAS), composing, and equal standards of authors and craftsmen